This month, I’m taking on a challenge… it’s a combination of two separate challenges, to be honest. And I’m so excited about sharing it with you!

The first part of the challenge is inspired by the 10 x 10 Challenge™, created by Lee of StyleBee … and involves choosing  a micro-wardrobe comprising 10 items of clothing and wearing them in different combinations over 10 days. 10 x 10, get it?

My second inspiration is Megan Auman and her One Dress Thirty Ways – she styled the same wrap dress 30 different ways in January of 2018, and she is reprising it with a different dress in April 2018.

So, wanting to do both these and not having that much time to devote to it, I will be styling TEN pieces of clothing in TEN different ways over the TEN days, with ONE dress being the focus of EACH outfit. I’ll accessorise, of course, with pieces from my own product line so you can see the myriad ways in which they can elevate the same simple pieces of clothing.

All the items are taken from my existing wardrobe… I haven’t bought anything new specifically for this challenge. All of them are pretty representative of my own personal style as well as what I wear on a regular basis. Given that the weather isn’t really conducive to wearing these out at all, I’ve decided to put together and outfit every day and photograph it, but not necessarily constrain myself to wear it all day. I will endeavour, though, to make sure that they will be something that I would indeed wear out if the temperatures in London were more reasonable.

Here is the ONE dress I’m going to be using in every one of the ten looks. It’s a longline shirt in a very soft, flowy material from Mango.


Mango shirt-dress

The other nine items in the capsule wardrobe that I chose will, hopefully, combine well with this shirt-dress. I’ve picked a variety of silhouettes, and hope that they will work out on the day! I haven’t planned in advance except for making sure that I do have a range of pieces both plain and printed, and that the colours are sort of in the same palette. I’ve realised since I chose them that they are all pretty neutral. I’ve not changed anything though, because it is after all a challenge. Let’s see how this goes!

Now, the other nine pieces of clothing which will be styled with that shirt-dress. I chose two pieces that are outfits in themselves, but could be combined to make a whole different look:

… A checked culotte jumpsuit

… Printed maxi dress (it’s sold out, but this year’s version is here)

Then I added three ‘bottoms’ that can be combined with the tops (scroll down)

… A basic pencil skirt (can’t remember where it’s from as it’s been in my wardrobe for years)

… Comfy pair of cropped legging-trousers

… Some shorts with a funky snake print (I bought these along with the the matching top, with the intention of wearing them together as a sort of playsuit without the hassle of a one-piece)


Lastly, I chose two tops and two jackets. I think these will combine well to create a few different casual and formal looks:

… A snake print camisole

… Snazzy silver camisole

… Classic fitted linen blazer


… a denim jacket which is a staple in my wardrobe – I wear it with everything except more denim.

Now, for the first look! It features my double-ended Noon and Night scarf, hand painted with delicate clouds and flowers, indicative in itself of Spring – it’s available now at

Arati Devasher double-ended floral scarf hand painted with blue clouds. Noon and Night silk scarf.

I’ve styled it the way I had envisioned wearing this shirt-dress when I first bought it… pretty much the same way the model on the product page was wearing it. I’ve styled it with the cropped trousers underneath, and a pair of snake-print kitten heels for a little extra height. The plainness of the outfit is alleviated by the scarf’s vibrant colours and bright, spring colours.

The scarf can be draped in several different styles both casual and formal, and I’ve experimented with some of those styles here. Draped, folded and over one shoulder, it changes your look instantly.

I’m really looking forward to styling this dress a whole new way tomorrow. Look out for the blog post tomorrow evening and I’ll also be sharing these styles on my instagram page.

You can buy the featured one-of-a-kind Noon and Night III scarf at

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