Day 7 of 10… Taking the shirt-dress to a whole new level, and styling it inspired by the legendary Frida Kahlo, who used myriad colours in her art as well as her daily clothes. This maxi dress (I got mine years ago, and this year’s version is here) also feels a lot like some of Frida’s clothing. In styling it as a bustier over the shirt-dress, I feel I am, in some small way, reinventing her look.

Adding multiple necklaces seemed natural, although at first I had thought to style a scarf with this look. I’ve used four colours… Fern, Daffodil, Rose and Cornflower. The ribbon ends allowed me to stagger the lengths and create a bib-like effect. It’s very folksy looking and it’s made more contemporary by the fact that it’s worn with a formal shirt collar.

If you’d like to catch up on why I’m styling a shirt-dress in ten different ways, you might want to read my first post, which explains the whys and wherefores of the #10x10challenge and #onedressthirtyways. Tomorrow and until 11th April, there will be more blog posts and outfit details.

The dress has always been a little long for me, so I always wear it with high sandals – at some point I will hem it and wear it with flats, but that’s not happened yet! In the meantime, I continue to dress it up as you can see.


Colourful silk fabric bead necklaces by Arati Devasher, London #bohostyle #springstyle #workweartrends

The FernDaffodilRose and Cornflower necklaces and many others are available to buy at

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