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spring style: day 10/10 combining the #10x10challenge and #onedressthirtyways – how to style a capsule wardrobe

Day 10! The last and final outfit in my challenge. I’m going to miss styling those pieces every day. … The shirt-dress is back being tucked in and used as a shirt. It really is supremely comfortable worn this way, despite the length having to be stuffed in. I’ve styled the Citrus Ripples silk scarf with this outfit – it’s one of the most complex designs I’ve ever painted.

Styled with cream trousers and a linen blazer, the subtle citrus colours create a vibrant spring look. A little bit of pattern in your scarf and shoes can make a light coloured outfit more unique. Try the same scarf with dark wash jeans and a blue blazer for Continue reading

spring style: day 9/10 combining the #10x10challenge and #onedressthirtyways – how to style a capsule wardrobe

Day 9 of 10… Taking the shirt-dress back to coat status, I’ve paired it with the silver cami and pencil skirt. My own personal red paisley scarf adds a dash of colour to the monochrome outfit, and the snake heels bring some flair to my feet.

Cinching in the waist with a soft leather belt looped multiple times and tied with a bow adds more structure to the loose ‘coat’.

If you’d like to catch up on why I’m styling a shirt-dress in ten different ways, you might want to read my first post, which explains the whys and wherefores of the #10x10challenge and #onedressthirtyways. Tomorrow I will post about Continue reading

spring style: day 8/10 combining the #10x10challenge and #onedressthirtyways – how to style a capsule wardrobe

Day 8 of 10… Taking the shirt-dress back to summer with the snake print shorts and platform sandals again, this is one of my favourite scarves to pair with summer outfits. The Mariana scarf is skinny, with a luxe satin sheen, and adds that essential je ne sais quois to an otherwise basic look.

The scarf’s deep blue hues (inspired by the Mariana trench, after which it is named) are duplicated in the shorts, and I like the fact that my feet are unobtrusive in tan leather, elongating my legs – for my caramel skin tone the cognac colour turns into Continue reading

spring style: day 7/10 combining the #10x10challenge and #onedressthirtyways – how to style a capsule wardrobe

Day 7 of 10… Taking the shirt-dress to a whole new level, and styling it inspired by the legendary Frida Kahlo, who used myriad colours in her art as well as her daily clothes. This maxi dress (I got mine years ago, and this year’s version is here) also feels a lot like some of Frida’s clothing. In styling it as a bustier over the shirt-dress, I feel I am, in some small way, reinventing her look.

Adding multiple necklaces seemed natural, although at first I had thought to style a scarf with this look. I’ve used four colours… Fern, Daffodil, Rose and Cornflower. The ribbon ends allowed me to stagger the lengths and create a bib-like effect. It’s very folksy looking and it’s Continue reading

spring style: day 5/10 combining the #10x10challenge and #onedressthirtyways – how to style a capsule wardrobe

Day 5 of 10… Taking the shirt-dress to a more formal zone and using it as a shirt works only because the fabric is so soft and thin. It hardly shows beneath my jumpsuit, and in fact creates a nice soft layer inside the rather scratchy fabric. it doesn’t poke out the bottom of my outfit either.

And yes, that is indeed a bow tie around my neck. But ties are for men, you say? Well, style rules were made up by people and new ones are made every day. Feel free to colour outside the lines – that’s what fashion is all about, making up your own rules and having Continue reading

winter style: 7 ways to wear a silk scarf with a jumper dress

winter style: 7 ways to wear a scarf with a jumper dress | arati devasher painted silk accessories, london

On days when I don’t know what to wear, I automatically reach for a jumper dress. This burgundy jumper dress from .Object with the fun frills on the cuffs is my current favourite. I’ve paired it with comfy but stylish wedge heel knee boots from M&S.

What makes the outfit stand out, however, is the way the Sunset Waters silk scarf can be styled with it in several different ways. This would be a great combination to wear to a winter wedding (or dare I say it so soon – a Valentine’s day date) yet it’s also appropriate to wear to work.

I made this one-of-a-kind pure silk scarf in a traditional Continue reading

autumn style: knee boots and a shift dress

Having worn my current knee-high boots for five autumn and winter seasons, it’s time to look for a new pair. That got me thinking about what to pair with a great pair of boots, and the ultimate for autumn (or fall if you’re in the Americas) is a Continue reading

autumn style: what to wear to work on a monday

It can be really depressing when you have an office job and need to decide what to wear to work on a Monday, especially in a job that requires you to wear ‘formal’ clothes. That doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish, or that you must wear Continue reading

autumn style: wear grey without being boring

Grey seems to be the colour of the season but this Stella McCartney ‘sweatshirt’ is anything but Continue reading

summer style: wear bold stripes with accessories

Wondering how to wear monochrome stripes with accessories? Styling a statement necklace in a bold colour can Continue reading

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