Day 8 of 10… Taking the shirt-dress back to summer with the snake print shorts and platform sandals again, this is one of my favourite scarves to pair with summer outfits. The Mariana scarf is skinny, with a luxe satin sheen, and adds that essential je ne sais quois to an otherwise basic look.

The scarf’s deep blue hues (inspired by the Mariana trench, after which it is named) are duplicated in the shorts, and I like the fact that my feet are unobtrusive in tan leather, elongating my legs – for my caramel skin tone the cognac colour turns into nude sandals.

If you’d like to catch up on why I’m styling a shirt-dress in ten different ways, you might want to read my first post, which explains the whys and wherefores of the #10x10challenge and #onedressthirtyways. It’s already Day 8, only two more days of outfits left. If you’d like to see more outfit posts like this, leave me a comment below.

The Mariana scarf  and other skinny scarves are available to buy now at If you don’t see a colour you like, I’d be happy to make you a bespoke one.

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