Day 2 of 10… featuring the Peaceful Paisleys silk scarf, with its pastel colours which are perfect for spring. Styling the longline shirt as an actual shirt with a basic pencil skirt, classic heels and a light fitted linen blazer, it’s a formal look without the “I’m in a full corporate suit” vibe. I don’t work in an office, so when I need to dress formally, I prefer to mix-and-match like this.

Because the shirt-dress is so light and flowy, tucking it up under the skirt doesn’t cause any bunching or creases where there shouldn’t be any. This is a comfortable outfit, and I would be happy to go out wearing this. In fact, I have actually worn it for the first half of the day today, with the addition of a pair of tights to compensate for the cold weather.

If you’d like to catch up on why I’m styling this shirt-dress in ten different ways, you might want to read my first post, which explains the whys and wherefores of the #10x10challenge and #onedressthirtyways.

A versatile 90 cm square hand painted on silk twill, this scarf can be tied around the neck, folded to create a thinner scarf, or tied as a belt. There are so many different ways to wear a square scarf.

You can buy the featured one-of-a-kind Peaceful Paisleys silk scarf at Here’s a short film (speeded up, of course) showing you how I painted this beautiful scarf.

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