Day 3 of 10… featuring a long scarf from my Midnight collection – the Autumn long silk scarf. This time, I’m treating the longline shirt as a dress, wearing it without the trousers from Day 1. The bright pop of red in the scarf is echoed in the very retro red kitten heels and to streamline the whole outfit and make it a little more casual, I’ve added my staple denim jacket with a cute red pin badge.

I’ve looped the scarf around my neck to create more interest around my face. I think this balances out the bright colour on my feet with a little action up top. The simplicity of the shirt as a dress invites some more complex details to alleviate that minimalist look a little.

If you’d like to catch up on why I’m styling this shirt-dress in ten different ways, you might want to read my first post, which explains the whys and wherefores of the #10x10challenge and #onedressthirtyways.

As a long 180cm scarf it can be tied in multiple different ways. It did occur to me later on that I could have added a belt to this outfit and then tucked the scarf into it as I often do. Ah well, next time!

This scarf was made especially for a customer: you can buy the other available scarves in the Midnight collection at  I can also make you one to order if you prefer long scarves to square ones.

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